Mini Compost in a Jar

good afternoon friends, we will be happy when we see plants in our garden grow well and fertile,  one fundamental factor which supports the fertility of the soil instead of liquid organic nutrients compost have an important role on keeping the soil fertile and good for plants
however, making compost will need a special place or container but this time, we will give you some tips on how to make compost.

which can place-saving and cost-saving this time we will try to make compost using jars by using jar, we don't have to wait too long to apply compost for plants because the fermentation process of compost is in a jar placed near to plants if there's organic trash, we can put it directly into the jar instead of leaves litter we also water compost in the jar and these are example of waste from the kitchen we put them directly into the jar put kitchen waste or other organic trash into the jar water it with liquid organic fertilizer close the jar to reduce bad odor when it's in fermentation process tomato plants start flowering and the fruit buds start growing.

ok friends, maybe some of you were getting curious
how to make this compost container, now we will give you some tips on how to make compost container with simple method use recycled mineral water make 4-5 small holes
roughly at the root of the plant so compost nutrients can be directly absorbed by plant's root
place the container right on the pot fill the container with organic trash banana peel pours MSG about 1 gram.

ok friends those are the easiest way to make compost for plants.

don't forget to pray to God

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