vegetable garden ideas for small spaces

a good afternoon, this time I will harvest some vegetable plants in bamboo pyramid vertical cultureI will try to explain to you about the work we did to treat the plants in our small garden.

day of 8

Apply fertilizer then watering the container
Watering: liquid fertilizer from rice water and rabbit urine 1-liter water mixed with the liquid fertilizer

day of 13

now is the second week now we will give Ajinomoto (MSG) nutrient for the plants,
don't too close when giving MSG approx 2 - 3 cm from the plants don't give MSG too much, it will damage the plants when we pour MSG too close

Pour MSG once a week for smaller crops, we can mix MSG with water then apply it to plants, for example, this red spinach crops, don't give excessive MSG for plants because it can potentially damage their stem we can also spray MSG for plant's leaves mix 1 gram MSG with 1 liter water and spray it to plants once a week spray it evenly, especially for the bottom parts of the leaves it's because of the plant's stomata located at the bottom part of leaves it's better to do this work at 9-10 am at that time, the stomata are doing photosynthesis therefore, the nutrients can be absorbed optimally this is 2 weeks lettuce plants spinach these parts growth faster but the other parts growth slower so the plants seem so small
it's because these parts of plants getting less sunray.

day 18

now is day 18th day
do weed cleaning around the plant on a regular basis so it won't disrupt the plant's growth
to prevent pest attacks, spray the plants with a solution of garlic liquid in a balanced dose
fumes the soil around the plant and then water it. it helps root and stem to grow faster and stronger for plants on bamboo pyramids, simply cleaned from weeds on a regular basis
red spinach applies organic fertilizer regularly.

how to grow vegetables on a narrow land
day of 22

now it's 3 weeks old plants
caisim plants
from those 6 varieties of plants, spinach is one of the fastest plants to grow and now is ready to harvest now I will harvest the red and green spinach
harvesting spinach on these parts, the result is not too good because it did not get enough sunrays now we can plant it with spinach again.

the dimension of this bamboo pyramid vertical cultivation
height = 10 cm
front and back wide :
1st level = 25 cm, 2nd level = 25 cm, 3rd level = 45 cm, 4th level = 55 cm, 5th level = 65 cm
right and left wide:
1st level = 25 cm, 2nd level = 38 cm, 3rd level = 50 cm, 4th level = 65 cm, 5th level = 80 cm
size between level = 30 cm

those are some tips from us and how we treat plants on this bamboo pyramid
so the plants can grow optimally
Since now is the rainy season, we harvest the plants earlier to prevent the vegetables from damage thus, we can renovate this bamboo pyramid for next use we will add a plastic roof on the upper side of this bamboo pyramid those are some tips from us.

happy gardening

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