Longan fruit in the pot

Nowadays, there are a lot of people planting longan independently Usually, they plant longan in their yard or garden Based on the fact that longan is sold freely. in the market, people want to plant it themselves, especially when they can harvest a lot of fruit from the litch tree. Litch or longan fruit or the dragon's eyes has a characteristic that easily recognized by people, It is well known from the flavor or taste If in your yard there is longan tree in pot then you will get two benefits First is you can get result from its fruit and it can be utilized as an ornamental plant as well.
Of course, the flavor of litch fruit will add more freshener for each of your room. Litchi fruit is one of the most popular fruits That's because it tastes sweet. Many farmers grow longan because it is categorized in a high-priced fruit. Things you need to know is that plant and growing longan is not difficult to work. Then how the right way to plant long pots in the pot?

This time, I will discuss briefly how to grow longan in pots to grow and bear its fruit.
well, The growth of longan planted in pots can be controlled especially in terms of its height, You can be sure that the pots that have been prepared will be able to accommodate the weight of the litchi plant growth,

Here are tips on how to plant Litchi in the pot

1. Seed selection

In the process of cultivating litchi in pots,
seed selection is the initial and important way of getting optimal results
For example, ping pong longan has a fruit size as large as a ping pong ball
its taste is very sweet Its texture is lookalike muddy because of it
much water and has larger fruit seeds There are some more types of longan that are
good to be planted in pots They are divided into 2 groups:

Giant Litch seedlings result of grafting is good to plant in the pot because it will be easy to bear fruit than plant derived from seeds, It would be great if the propagation of plants using the grafting method grafted seedlings only take a year to bear fruit. In addition, grafted seedlings also have smaller tree sizes and it's not too high. Make sure you choose high-quality seeds, fertile and healthy so it will produce a dense fruit in the future.

Longan fruit in the pot

2. Pot Selection

The selection of pots as containers requires long-term planning You can use drum, plastic, Planter bag and also cast cement. The higher seed you have, we recommend to use pots that have a height and a larger diameter As an example; Litchi that has a height of 30 to 40 centimeters, best to plant in pots that have a diameter of 40 to 50 centimeters.

3. Planting medium

Next is the planting medium derived from a mixture of soil, sand, husk, and manure The exact comparison is 1: 1: 1: 2, It's better to use manure derived from goat or sheep since it has more phosphorus, Do not forget to use Styrofoam or tile fragments that are placed in the bottom of the pot as high as four to five centimeters to avoid the wet soil medium.

4. Treatment step

This treatment step consists of watering, fertilizing, pruning and replacement of planting medium we will explain one by one as follows First, the watering process.

Litch plants in pots cannot search for water itself because the roots can not spread out from the pot. Therefore, watering is needed so that plant moisture is maintained Thus, the growth of the plant will be well preserved, which in turn, will make the plant has a more mature readiness to produce bushy fruit 

Also worth noting is that watering should be seasonally adjusted If it is the rainy season, do not let watering result in puddles in the pot And when it is the dry season, do not let the litchi in the pot is less in water Second, the process of providing sunlight.
In addition to water availability, longan in pots also need sufficient sunlight

Because the sun is the very crucial thing for plants to carry out the process of photosynthesis optimally at least for 5 hours per day the plants must get enough sunlight third, fertilizer once a month becomes an important step in the cultivation of plants In the first month use goat or sheep dung and in the next month can use NPK 16:16:16 fertilizer.

In addition, fertilization can also be done by spraying growth stimulants (ZPT) for auxin formers Auksin useful to spur the emergence of flowers.

Applications of stimulating substances can be directly splashed into plants without additional


Do pruning on litchi with 1-3-9 patterns
The main branch is maintained only one with a length of 75-100 cm meanwhile the primary and secondary branches each numbered three and nine.

In order for having a solid canopy shape of litchi plants, the primary branch and secondary branches should have a length of 30-50 cm Pruning on the secondary branch will produce new shoots as a tertiary branch accompanied by the emergence of compound flowers that will becoming fruit Not to forget, do pruning on water buds, unproductive branches, shaded branches, and dry branches so that the sun can enter evenly and penetrate the plant canopy for the photosynthesis process.


Make submissions by pulling one of the healthy secondary branches downward using a wire We recommend adding coco fiber between the branches and wires coco fiber used to avoid wound caused by scratches from the wire flower buds will grow after a few weeks of

7. Planting Media Replacement

After going through a long planting period, the planting medium should be replaced the goal is that the soil media is not too hard and solid This replacement usually every six months, If you do not want to change media, you can give more organic fertilizer into the media.


How to cultivate longan in the last pot is to do a grafting If your litchi plants have started to flourish and bear fruit It indicates that the plant is old enough and ready to be grafted This grating aims to propagate new seeds to be replanted

9. Harvesting of longan

Plants Take more attention on the way to harvest litchi fruit so your longan remain fruitful in any season, Because if you make a mistake in the harvesting process than it can result in litchi plant
is not fruitful anymore Proper way to harvest litchi fruit is by cutting the stem and not just picking the fruit.
By doing so, we can treat longan fruit in order to remain fruitful in the next season. Thus our discussion about Complete Guide of Litchi Cultivation in Pots to be fruitful good luck and do not forget to share as much if you think the information is useful.

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