How to make the banana tree soon bear fruit

some time ago we have been discussed about the way of banana cultivation to quickly bear fruit. On this occasion. Rinjani world will continue the discussion on the benefits and nutrients of bananas and the uniqueness of banana fruits want to know what it is?

apparently, with the advancement of the science of technology, it is said that a banana fruit can bear fruit twice in one season perhaps in general, it becomes an impossible thing that bananas can bear fruit more than once.

however, by looking at the following trick then your perception that bananas can only be fruitful one should be eliminated here are the steps for banana trees to be able to bear fruit twice in a season.

Banana trees bear fruit twice in a season do not cut the banana tree that has been fruitful, simply cut the bunches or the base of the fruit do weeding, remove banana leaves that have been damaged or old then make a cavity with perforated rod banana in the rectangle, that is with size 20 * 9 cm or it can be adjusted to the size of the banana stem, we can use machetes or a sharp knife to do so position of hole about 140 cm above ground make sure the core rods are cut and discarded make a cavity that does not face to the east or west, because it will be exposed to direct sunlight making the shoots and cavities easily dry.

therefore, the cavity is made facing north or south after 2 weeks, then new shoots will appear and will grow longer if you want to grow faster, shoots can be sprayed with the stimulant solution  to stimulate the heart of bananas to grow healthy shoots with this spraying, Insyaallah new buds will grow faster if the heart of banana grows until it reaches the upper limit of the hole, insert a plywood or plastic plate with size 7 * 15 cm or it can be adjusted to the size of the cavity that has been made on it, so that the banana's heart grows curved out the main stem. then, the bud will become a new bunch of bananas that can produce bananas again no need to do special treatment, do normal treatment such as watering and cleaning the leaves and the dry midrib after that, you can wait for a month and then has begun to bear fruit and in the next month it will be ready to be harvested maybe the result is not as good as the first one but this is a unique thing right?

please try and prove it yourself bananas in different flavors besides that, there are other tips to make a unique banana with some flavor, ie flavors like chocolate, pineapple,
strawberry, and others.

how to make?
Here is the technique make a hole on the selected banana rod, choose a banana tree that is not too young and yet fruitful but ready to bear fruit make a rectangular hole with a size of 7 * 7 cm on the banana stem or until it reaches the heart of the banana tree,
do it carefully, the rest of the piece was not to be broken because we will use it to close again at the final stage insert the liquid or pasta into the hole we made earlier this is the secret that makes the banana has various flavors.

we can choose the taste we want to like chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, melon, and others
soak the cotton into the liquid pasta then put it in the hole we have made on the banana trunk.

after that, close the hole after the cotton we put into the hole, Cover the hole with the cut after the cotton that has been soaked in the pasta we put in the hole, Cover the hole with the cut
then tied with a rope to keep the pieces and cotton attached to the banana stem let the banana tree bear fruit and wait for the results. this can be combined with the first unique technique, which is to make banana trees bear fruit twice in one season. to be sure, before making a cavity to grow new shoots apply the second unique way of making various banana flavor with a distance of approximately 40 to 50 cm from the cavity

How to make the banana tree soon bear fruit

how can bananas bear fruit twice a season?

Though we know that banana plants are annual or annual crops or plants that are usually germinate flowers will wither and die in a year or a season there are also biennial or biennial plant species it is a flowering plant that takes 2 years to complete its biological cycle, as well as perennial or perennial plants or it, is a plant that lived for more than 2 years back again on a date that could be an annual plant, In this cycle banana plants are often said to die after being fruitful when not dead proved the existence of saplings banana tree beside it often said to die because of the flowers of banana trees that will grow into bananas, the emergence or exit from the tip of the banana tree trunk then to make a banana tree can bear fruit or fruitful returns twice, we should be able to treat a stem that became the base of banana plants commonly called which become the heart of the banana it can be flowering back.

do not confuse my RINJANI buddy it is very easy if the banana or stem is actually called the leaf
wrapping the stem, it can be opened one by one, it will be found the hard part as a place that will appear as the fruit at the apical end because the fruit appears at the end,

surely the period of its work will be over after the flowers that will grow into the fruit is already visible as long as the fruit bananas even though they are cut down,
it will always grow until the fruitful process is over.

Then why can it be fruitful again or even twice?

There is actually a deciding factor that is like the age of a banana tree, the condition of banana trees, as well as a little special care such as gives stimulants grow include foods that are often consumed by the people of Indonesia banana is also a very familiar fruit for us bananas are very easy to find in traditional markets or supermarkets.

maybe, almost every day we can enjoy bananas.
banana is a fruit which has rich nutrients to keep human's health and it turns out this is one kind of heavens fruit.

The followings are scientific composition and also the active substances contained in bananas.
bananas contain a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium and also
and zinc, each banana also contains carbohydrates and potassium in sufficient quantities, it can also treat as medicine for some disease, banana also recommended curing fever, digestive system disorders, seizures, and sprains.

banana has a lot of benefit for health such as improving blood circulation
banana contains potassium that good for improving blood circulation potassium or potassium contents that help regulate blood pressure.

This can reduce the risk of stroke

that causes symptoms of heart disease helps digestion of the intestine
The fiber contained in bananas is good for reducing the risk of constipation, no need to use laxatives, simply eat bananas. bananas are used to resist inflammation because there is vitamin C in bananas maintain eye health. Benefits of bananas help maintain eye health bananas have a certain amount of fat-soluble Vitamin A and are very important to protect the eyes.

This compound preserves the membrane that surrounds the eye and is a component of one of the proteins. that carry light to the cornea adequate intake of vitamin A, also reduces the risk of blindness and is essential for vision bananas are able to nourish the brain.

bananas as breakfast among the developed countries become one of the best choice mix banana slices on the cereal to provide a sufficient source of calories to initiate the daily activity, a study attended by 200 students proves that their study concentration has increased since consuming bananas as a breakfast menu.

potassium content in bananas provide stimulants for brain babies who are just starting to eat solid foods, bananas can be a good choice because of the smooth texture

those are information about some techniques in the cultivation of bananas and the benefits contained in the banana

so, good luck and Do not forget to always be thankful and pray to Allah
so that we'll get blessed from Him in every activity.

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