how to grow spinach in a pot in your home garden.

yes, to plant spinach in a pot here's how
The first should be provided in advance of seed spinach seeds if we do not buy spinach seedlings planted his name, not spinach to plant corn. The second pot, because we want to be planted in pots pot needs to be set up because we want to plant in pots but if planting in the ground means not planting potted pot already we love fertilizers
This fertilizer is clear, we stayed planting
The seeds are here all
The third, we spread flat on pot
well here it is the seeds of spinach

Scatter seeds all
there are still many in the last plastic, Scatter until smooth, if not less good growth put the pot should also be straight because if it rains or the wind could shear seedlings so the growth is not good, the middle is empty if the middle is empty seen less good we have average stocking seed as earlier as samples
ok, so much and thank you

how to grow spinach in a pot in your home garden.

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