Health Chili Free Pests


we have seed and move chili plants onto big pots with 13 chili plants and now it just left 10 chili plants, this time we will update new tips and steps on how to seed and treat chili plants.
treatment of chili plants on pot, these are chili plants that we plant on pots and right here there're 13 plants and we have pruned the plants as we can see here.
there're also some damage leaves caused by plant diseases and now we will do some treatment by watering these chilies plants with DIY liquid organic fertilizer once every 2 days in this big pots.
there are 5 plants that we left them high and others we pruned so they will get lower besides using liquid organic fertilizer.
we also give additional nutrients using MSG and also some ingredients to prevent the plants
from pests and diseases, we also give these plants herbal medicine waste dried herbal medicine waste to prevent these chili plants from diseases and pests. especially those which came up from the soil.
since now is the rainy season, we need to look for the spot which had enough suns ray for higher plants, we need to give them cantilever so they won't get damaged easily.

Health Chili Free Pests

especially when it came heavy rains for higher chili plants there are some flowers buds and for lower plants.  there were some stems start to grow higher but for pruned chili plants.
we found some problem, their leaves seem to curl when we talk about chili plants thing that comes to our mind are good result and diseases which came along with plants growth as we can see here.

since the leaves were exposed to curly disease so we will give some treatments to prevention and cure to cure the plant of curl leaves disease,  we've provided some tips on our previous article using turmeric and fortunately, those plants could cure of the diseases but now as you could see here, 
a lot of plants on this pot with high humidity level and tight spacing, we will give additional treatment to cure the plant's disease using herbal medicine waste and it cost for free.
since this waste did not use anymore and now, 
it's been 3 days after we poured the waste,
it indicates that the plants could cure of the disease but we did not prune the old curl leaves as a comparison with new grow leaves that seemed good and more fertile for higher plants, which we bind on this small pipe probably for those of you who question whether this herbal medicine waste
could cure plants curly disease and now it's proven.

it indicates that the plants start cure from the disease soon, this herbal medicine waste will become compost as fertilizer for plants were white small fibers at the bottom of the plant's stem, it indicates that the herbal medicine waste work to cure the disease 5 days later our chili plants
seems healthier and more fertile 90% cure from the disease and there were a lot of flower buds grow from the plants after the plants had cured of the disease.

next step

we can do is giving different treatment by controlling plants and its planting media, the herbal medicine waste was getting decompose moreover this herbal medicine waste could prevent the plants from flower buds fall out.

next step

we can do is getting rid fungicide from the plants,   since we used wet herbal medicine waste to prevent plants from fungicide pest and decrease the humidity level within planting media we can throw out herbal medicine waste that too close with plant's stem eliminates the herbal medicine waste
then pour the planting media with tobacco, this tobacco can prevent plants from undesirable pests such as fungicide and other harmful bacteria.


we prune old leaves yellow leaves and shoots when the plants entering the flowering period
the plants would need more nutrient for fruit growing so we need to reduce leaves so the nutrient can absorb optimally to grow plant's fruit for higher shoots we did not cut or prune them, since its stem shown an indication, that it can grow more fertile and healthier
and make the plants' fruit could bear optimally lastly in addition to giving liquid organic fertilizer, we also need to weed the plants to prevent from other diseases, we also used garlic as organic pesticides.

on how to make liquid NPKwe've applied it for our plants too since its rainy season
chili plants need more treatment to be more fertile and healthier so it can survive in extreme weather change. 

Calcium and phosphorus needed more for plant's grow so it can fruitful optimally.
the plants began to bear fruit, hopefully, it can grow a lot of fruit then we can harvest optimally

ok friends.

that our tips today about how to treat chili plants in an extreme weather change, especially during rainy season and prevent plants from curly leaves disease and flower fall out
therefore to cure plants of diseases we need to identify the type of disease that attacks the plants and usually disease came from unhealthier planting media

see you next time
hopefully, it can use for you
and don't forget to pray to GOD before we start our activity

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