Cheap and Easy Growing Mustard

hay everybody, today we will give you some tips to plant mustard, this is PakChoi mustard seeds things we need are:

  1. natural fertilizer (manure) from rabbit
  2. charcoal husk
  3. planting media 

we can buy this in a nearby local farming shop

friable soil
recycled small plastic cup
we use this cup to sow the mustard seed

after 2 weeks we need to move the plants to the farmland, this cup will make us easier to move the mustard plants into the wider media (land), for the better result, we can mix this planting media with  previously mentioned substance, now we will mix those substances to create an effective planting media.

  • 2 friable soil
  • 1 charcoal husk
  • 1 natural fertilizer (manure)
  • 1 planting media

stir until they mix evenly fill the cup with mixed planting media sufficiently better we place the cups in a small tray filled with water benefit: we don't need to pour water into the cups there is capillarity process that makes the planting media in the cups moist and wet next

  • make 2-3 small holes at the planting media in the cup
  • put 1 seed in 1 hole
  • these are 2 weeks mustard plants
  • next, the seeded mustard are placed in areas that not exposed to direct sunlight
  • these are some example of houseplants made from bamboo and plastic
  • those are some tips on sowing and planting mustard that we can do in our home
  • don't forget to pray before we do all activity

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