How to Plant Avocado in The Pot

Do you know avocado?

It's a kind of fruit which first come from Central America and Mexico. It's from the family of Lauraceae and Percea Genus in Latin names it's Lacea Americana, avocado crops can grow until 20 m height and it leaves can grow on average 12 cm - 25 cm, it has a shape like an egg with 5 cm - 6.4 cm seed length inside, it has old green or purple-brown peel depends on its variety, it also has an uneven surface.

it has soft textured flesh with light yellow colored flesh in the closest part to the seed and light green in the closest part to the peel. There are lots of benefits we can find on this avocado fruits
they are:

  1. prevent stroke disease
  2. maintain eye health
  3. cure gastric pains
  4. lower cholesterol levels
  5. and much more

since it has a lot of benefits now many people start to cultivate the avocado trees however for those who don't have enough land to cultivate this crop, we can plant this crop in the pot this time we will provide you with some tips on how to grow avocado in pots.

we can get avocado seedling in 3 methods, first is by cutting/stem cutting, second is grow by seed, third is by grafting method cutting method select a fertile stem which does not have many new stems not too old or young and it comes from a good breeding tree from its taste, pest endurance, and much more after the grafted stem has its own root then cut the stem approximately 3 cm from the main stem then plant the grafted stem in seedling polybag place the grafted avocado tree in a shady spot water the tree regularly and treat it until it has enough roots to grow and ready to plant in the land.

by seedling method
if you want to plant avocado from the seed then you need to seed it first, take the seed from an old avocado fruit then dried the seed in the sun for about 3 hours then place it in a shady spot then sow the seed in the polybag treat it as usual until it has a 1-meter height.

through grafting method
the faster way to get a fruitful avocado tree that was planted by seedling method then you can try this grafting method get an avocado stem that has been fruitful as the top part and avocado tree that has been planted from seedling method as the bottom part avocado plants are able to grow well in both low and high lands, therefore, a lot of people love to plant this tree in the pot for maximum result it's better to grow this tree in cool area things that we need to pay attention if we want to plant this tree in the pot is to choose the most quality seed, for example, is choosing the seed growth from grating method by using high-quality avocado seed, we can get high-quality avocado trees and fruits as well other things we need to prepare if we want to grow avocado tree in pot use a big and wide pot because the avocado tree needs to grow.

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