Easy Way to Cultivate Tin Fruit to Be Fruitful

How to Cultivate Fruit Tin_Tin fruit is called figs who got the nickname of the sacred fruit of the heaven garden the specialty of this fruit because it is one of the fruits mentioned in the Qur'an in the Surah At-tin which has the same position as the Olive fruit In addition, this TIN fruit also contains many nutrients and rich in nutrients which is certainly very good for the health of the human body. Tin fruit is believed to overcome hypertension and cholesterol, can cleanse the liver and spleen, prevent cancer and sweet lips, reduce shortness of breath, and many more Ficus that has Latin name Ficus carica is one of the kinds of fruit plants originating from Arab countries, and now many cultivated to the states of Europe, Asia, and Australia In Indonesia, the tin is pretty hard to find But many people are looking for it So the fruit in Indonesia can be used as a land income or you can use it yourself Vitamin In Tin Fruit.

image Easy Way to Cultivate Tin Fruit to Be Fruitful

1. In the tin there is a compound called polyphenols are quite a lot, this compound serves as an
antioxidant for the body.

2. Contains a compound called benzaldehyde and coumarins that serve as a substance that prevents
the growth of cancer or tumors, and skin care.

How to Cultivate Fruit Tin fruits can be developed through cuttings, grafts, and from seeds

a. Selection of Tin Fruit Seeds

Fruit seedlings that will be cultivated must be qualified Quality seeds are marked by the size of the
seed stalks Good seedlings have at least 2 x sticks of pencil, have fresh shoots and leafy lot If the seedling is done by using the seeds, choose the fruit that has really old the easiest and most effective way of cultivating the figs according to the inspiratory garden by grafting.

Transplanting is skinned to clean and removes the cambium on branches, stems that can then grow the roots of the diffusion so it can be planted for reproduction. In addition to having the exact same properties with the sires by grafting also has the advantage of growth faster than propagation by seed Transplanting the tin turns out to be very practical, especially if used for a nursery business, this method is very efficient to apply

b.Land Preparation

Prepare a pot or land in the house that is exposed to direct sunlight When using pots then fill with a mixture of soil and manure with, a ratio of 1: 1 or can also be added with a little sand.
Planting pot is then silenced for 2 days before the planting.

c. Planting Tin Fruit

Once everything is ready, immediately do the planting. Remove the seedlings polybag carefully so
that the seedling medium is not damaged, then enter the seeds in the planting hole that has been made and close again. Then do just enough watering

d.Tin Fruit Treatment Plant

Treatment of tin fruit is not so difficult. Do watering regularly in the morning and evening Do also weeding of weeds that grow around tin fruit trees Fertilization is done after the fruit Tin aged about 4 months

e. Harvesting Fruit Tin

The fruit does not recognize the season so the fruit can be harvested anytime, usually
the fruit will start to bear fruit after 4 months after planting.
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