Vertical Farm Grow Mustard in Narrow Land

this is our 2nd-floor terrace to plant mustard and papaya in the polybag.
at first, these mustard seeds were sowing in small recycled cup this is one week mustard plant and this is 2 weeks mustard plant ready to move into vegetable beds plant mustard in minimalist garden now we will give some tips on how to move these mustard plants from recycled cup to vegetable beds why we need to move these plants?

image Vertical Farm Grow Mustard in Narrow Land

since these cups were too small for plants to grew optimally, it needs larger / wider space to grow
for the maximum result, we re-plant this mustard to vegetable beds
this vegetable bed contains the mixture of soil manure charcoal husk is better with ratio 1:1:1 first water the cups to make it easier when the plants released from cups it gonna be easier and Insyaallah the soil in the planting medium won't be damaged move mustard plants to a polybag, this polybag also used as a barrier for vegetable beds make a small hole in the polybag little pressure at the soil in order to plant perfectly embedded,

the last thing was watering do it carefully since the plants were just moved to new media if we want to move plants to new media, it's better to do this in the afternoon to prevent the plants from high  temperature and scorching sun of friends, those are tips from us today with narrow spot there's no limitation for us to plants and grow vegetable and fruits crops.

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