Plant & Grow Strawberry from Fruit

This time, we will give you some tips to plant strawberry directly from fresh fruits use hollow containers then give a layer of tissue so the ground does not fall easily the use of hollow seeding containers in order to produce a good circulation of the seed plants spray the soil with water it benefits to make the soil become more humid separate strawberry fruit seeds, it's on the outside part of the fruits just like we can see on the video sliced strawberries up into thin sections the put the sliced strawberries on the planting media, cover it again with soil and spray it more with water 3 weeks after seedling.

After 3 weeks, move the seeds that have grown to a larger medium, these are 3 weeks old strawberry plants, since these strawberry plants still in the growth process and I will place these plants on a place with direct suns rays so I will use these ice cups to cover the plants from direct suns rays those are some tips from us about how to plants strawberry from fresh fruits.

I will place these young strawberry plants inside other big pots so it can be protected from heavy rain and wind but it can still get enough suns rays to growth, these are some strawberry plants that have not flowered yet, it is because this plant is the result of breeding this is the oldest strawberry plants, it's very easy to treat these strawberry plants, we just need to control weeds that grow surround the plants so that plants nutrient available won't get lost easily moreover, we also need to control the plants pests on a regular basis.

there's no pest on this strawberry plant and for strawberry plants, that's already passed onto fruitful period, we need to add some more additional organic liquid fertilizer such as liquid NPK or Natrium Phosphurus Kalium fertilizer, Moreover we need to put the plants in a place that get enough suns rays to maximize their growth direct rain can disrupt the plant's growth and their fruits are easier to be rotten, we can propagate strawberry plants through some method first is a seedling method
another method is by cuttings, for example, this fruitful strawberry plant is good enough to propagate by cutting it and how to cutting strawberry plant?

image Plant & Grow Strawberry from Fruit

this is the derivative plant of this main strawberry plant this derivative plant already have
its own root, we can plant it directly into the planting media, keep it until it grows.

just like its parent plant after it strong enough then we can cut this part then move the derivative plant into other planting media that's how to propagate the strawberry plant by cuttings and that was the easiest method to propagate strawberry plant this is the example of a strawberry plant
which has been propagated by cutting its stem it has been 5 days since it was cutting from
the main plant now I will cut this part next treatment for a strawberry plant is changing its taste as we know that strawberry plant has a slightly sour taste.  we can make it sweeter by adding more organic liquid fertilizer from fermented rotten fruits,  you can check our other articles on how to make liquid fertilizer from rotten fruits other methods to change the taste of strawberry fruit
is by injecting it.

somehow it needs to be accomplished by an expert this is the example of organic liquid fertilizer,
we can just mix it with water then apply it into the plants this is 4 days strawberry plant this is the example of a propagated strawberry plant by seedling method this is the example
of a propagated strawberry plant by the cutting method.

ok friends
those are some tips on how to plant strawberry fruit and propagate strawberry plants easily.
thank you.

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