How to Plant Grape from Fruit

Good morning friends, Yesterday, we just moved tomato plant, As you can see, This tomato plant is very short, But it has a bearing fruit, This plant was propagated using the grafting technique, So, how to graft this tomato plant?, Let's check our next session, Grafting Process,Prepare 2 recycled mineral cups that have been perforated at its bottom,Cut one side of the cup so it can be inserted easily on tomato stem, Do for both cups.

Tight them with plastic rope, Don't be too tight since it will damage tomato stem, Insert planting media into the cups, Planting media consist of soil and charcoal husk mix, Water it, Cut unnecessary stem and leaves, Hook the cups or strengthen it with small bamboo piece,So the grafting media won't break easily,As you can see here,The function of plastic rope here,not only to strengthen the cups,but also help,tomato plant,to be fruitful faster,On this case, the cups have 2 main function,not only as grafting media, we can also add some nutrients on this cup, to help grow process of the tomato plant,sometimes we pour organic waste collected from the kitchen,so the plants can grow optimally, after 1 month,graft age of this tomato plant, is about 1 month old,and there're already growing roots from its stem,and now we're going to move it to bigger planting media, cut the cup carefully.

start from the outer part,make some holes on the cup to provide good circulation,because we're going to plant this grafting tomato with the cup,done,water it sufficiently, by grafting technique, we can get,small size tomato plant, with a lot of fruits, for maximum result, we must treat the plant carefully and intensively,we also need to pay more attention to giving good nutrients or fertilizer for plants itself, because a newly grafted plants still have a small number of roots.

previously, we'll try to seed, grape, and now we have, prepared everything to include, grapefruit, that we'll gonna seed directly, using tissue,actually there were,some methods,to seed fruit plants,for example,by drying the seed at first,just like grapefruit seeds,dry at first,in order to,reduce the seed dormancy period,and then, it can be sow directly on planting media, this time, will directly take the seed from fruits, without drying it first,these are grapefruit seed,next step.

we will cover those seeds with tissue then we will put them on glass, since we were not only seed grape to maximize the place, while the seeding process, saving seeding place, arrange the seed, so it will look neat and easier to take,the sprouts, after that, fold the tissue and give little water but don't give it much water because too much water will make grape seed getting rotten easily.

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