Organik Pesticide from Garlic

How to Make Insecticides and Fungicides from Garlic

Tools and ingredients needed are

  1. 3 grains of garlic
  2. mortar and pestle
  3. spoon
  4. 1 spoon liquid soap
  5. 1-liter water
  6. recycled mineral bottle
  7. mouthpiece
  8. filter
  9. sprayer

How to make grind the garlic mix it with 1-liter water put the liquid into the bottle store at room temperature for 24 hours before it can use. Garlic pesticides should be used no more than 3 days after the storage process this is an example of garlic pesticide that has been stored for 24 hours.

How to Use Garlic Pesticides

Using spray tools strain the garlic pesticides and put it into the spray put and mix the liquid soap into the sprayer organic pesticides ready for use do spray evenly on the leaves that look exposed to pests
spray until leaves getting wet with pesticides pests on tomatoes plants examples of pests that have died after being sprayed.

image Organik Pesticide from Garlic

Garlic pesticides can also be splashed to the soil to prevent pests coming from the ground.
Why using liquid soap in garlic pesticides? To increase the work of sprayed pesticides on plants that have waxy leaves such as taro leaves and broccoli. The waxy leaves will be very difficult to absorb pesticides because the water will not stick and even tends to fall to the ground after being sprayed.
It also happens when we spray the pesticide on the pest whose skin is covered with wax.

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