How to Plant the Red Onion with Hydroponics

I will explain how to plant shallots using the hydroponics system. Let's get started. in the seeding step, the things that you will use are Shallots, a knife, and a cutting board. The first thing you need to do is cut the top of the shallot to speed the growth. Then cut the rock wool into 8 thick pieces. Put the rock wool into a seeding tray and soak it with regular water. Make holes in the rock wool using a pen or other blunt objects. Then put the shallots into the holes,

image How to Plant the Red Onion with Hydroponics

Here are tips and tricks of growing shallots, The first tip is a good shallot to plant is an old, shiny, heavy, and only has one root. The second tip is water the plants with a concentration of 1000 to 1200 ppm or about 8 ml of "leafy vegetables" nutrition solution per 1 liter of Air Conditioning water.

Water the plants with the solution once for every two days until harvest, When the plants look as follow, Move it to a polybag like this or to a pot filled with roasted husk and coconut peat,  If you are too lazy to water the plants one by one, You can use a DFT system as follow or use the drip system, If you have a normal DFT system for net pots you can plant the shallots on the net pots.

But we recommend to plant it in pots or polybags Because if you plant shallots in small net pots the final product will be smaller than the normal one, After waiting for 2 to 2 ½ weeks, now it's time for harvesting If the shallots look like this or the leaves are bend.
Harvest them by pulling the roots

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