How to Garden with Sawdust

good afternoon friends, right here I have fertilizer made of sawdust previously, we used sawdust as a cat litter, since here in our home, we have some cats after we heap this sawdust for a while in the ground approximately 6 months. it became compost fertilizer as you can see it looks loose and smooth because I have sifted it and it smells just like ordinary fertilizer.

How to Plant using Sawdust and I will plant this pakcoy mustard to add nutrition in this planting media. I will water it with liquid fertilizer from rice washing water that was fermented previously mix 100 ml liquid fertilizer with 1-liter water, then pour it into planting media, actually this planting media quite difficult to absorb water make some small holes to place the seeds about 2 cm distance for each hole, then fill one mustard seed on every hole, the place it in shady spot wait for next 1-2 days.

image How to Garden with Sawdust

Plant mustard on vegetable beds these are 5 days old mustard and they were ready to move to the wider field this is vegetable beds that I've been prepared a few days ago as you can see right here.
I already planted some of that mustard, I will continue plant right here first water the beds with liquid fertilizer, we made previously loose the soil first make holes approximately 10 cm distance before moving the mustards.

water planting media first, so the soil won't too dry and won't break the root, nursery ground is made of plots to make it easier to move plants take the plants carefully one by one plant it on beds
then cover the holes and plants with soil press the soil smoothly so it won't break the stem water the plants that are our tips today.

hopefully, it can be useful for you don't forget to pray to GOD for every activity.

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