Grafting Papaya Tree Method to Result

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Today I will give some tips on how to plant grafted papaya trees. Tools we have prepared are hollow old paint bucket and this is the former viticulture (vertical culture) of onion planting medium consists of a mixture of soil, charcoal husk, and organic compost fertilizer fish pond water. I will use recycled cardboard to cover the hole on this bucket fill one-third of the bucket with the planting media this is grafted papaya tree that I will cut and plant in the pot, we start grafted this papaya tree for about 1,5 months ago visible roots have begun to penetrate out and break the graft media,  now I will cut the papaya tree on this section so it will grow new leaf buds here these are the roots, this former bond is intended to accelerate the growth of fruit. we have cut the end of the tree previously so it won't grow higher but it will make new steam buds.

this transplantation method gives some benefits:

1. Reproduce crops
2. Accelerate the growth of flowers and fruit even though the tree is still short

We plant it in hollow pots because when the plant is growing larger and ready to be moved to the field, we don't need to remove the pot the tree with its pot can be directly planted into arable land cardboard will be wrecked since the pot constantly watered than the roots of papaya plants will come out through the bucket's hole it's better to do this late afternoon so as not exposed to direct sunlight since we plant the tree indoor, we can move the plant anytime flush until the water completely seeps up to the bottom of the pot so the water inside the planting media can stand for 2-3 days cut unnecessary leaves or old leaves (yellow ones) spray the leaves with water every day to keep moisture and reduce evaporation on the leaves rub stem scraps of the graft cut with garlic to avoid disease/pest.

image Grafting Papaya Tree Method to Result

Garlic contains substances that are very effective in protecting plants from many diseases leave the stem open so it dries easier, if it is in a rainy season, cover the stem using plastic to keep garlic insoluble and the stems will not rot, this is an example of papaya that we transplant using plastic media I will check this grafted papaya tree those are some tips to grow short papaya tree.

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