How To Tomato Cutting (Pruning)

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Tomatoes need to be pruned because it needs to focus on producing fruit. The steps in tomato pruning are First, cut the shoots of your tomato plants.

Tomato shoots are the stem between the main stem and the leaf.
Pick the shoots with your hand if it is this small or uses shears if it is about this size.
Shoots that are about this size can be cultured to make new tomato plants.

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How To Tomato Cutting (Pruning)

Don't cut shoots that are located at the tip of your plants and also shoots that have flowers and fruits like so.
Because it will disturb the fruit production of the plantIf you want to culture your plants simply cut the shoot that is this size.
Cut away the smaller shoots in it. Then put it to your nutrient-filled system.

You can use net pots or directly put it inside If there are roots growing like so.
Transfer it to pots filled with roasted husks and coco peat mixture Or into your drip system.

You can also transfer it to the dutch bucket system. The next step to pruning your tomato plants is to cut the leaves that are located below the stem the first a stem that has fruit grown on it as follow.

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